Meevo is a mindset; a spirit of inquiry that appeals to dreams and innovation to awaken curiosity, fire imagination and encourage possibility.

Our culture is rooted in our human urge to explore, develop and progress and it is empowered by our yearning for a sense of stronger connections, meaningful interactions and memorable experiences.

Challenge is a gravitational force that resists our boldness to go through existing bounderies.

We care

by always delivering what we promise and more.

We learn

from each other, from our partners, from competition and from other industries.

We have fun

because that’s how much we love what we do.


Do you have what it takes?
· Stellar at your craft – could be anything from writing code, to art, to Q&A
· Sky high aspirations to create an awesome vibe around you
· Naturally gravitate to self-determination and improvement

We might have a seat for you!