Strategy & Planning

Everyone needs a good plan. Especially when you’re hurtling through the wide space without a minded course of action and an essential content understanding. It’s easy to get lost in it all, invest resources and then realize it was a waste of time and money, because the path you’re on does not point towards the desired destination. Are you prepared to adapt to changes and in the same time improve what stays, while still aiming for the moon?

You definitely need a plan.

We approach strategic exercises with deep immersion in strategy
and planning, bearing in mind your story and goals.


This is an essential step to get a good understanding of your vision, who your audience is and what your expectations are from this new journey that we are about to start together.


It’s time to conceptualize your project through its framework, constraints, features, requirements, functionality scenarios and based on your expectations, needs and business goals.


Now it is when we sketch possible solutions, based on all the risks identified and assumptions made. As a result we will determine the most effective tactics, while exploring opportunities for growth.

A defined strategy and a minded planning will strongly impact your maintenance efficiency, the consistency of user experience, the growth of your online presence and your brand enhancement, and most important it will significantly increase your website, app or system’s conversion rate.